Which is the most popular botanical nursery?

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

The Botanical Garden Association of America (BGAA) is hosting a poll on its website, and it has some fascinating results for the home gardener.

The poll was conducted by the association’s National Botanical Gardens Association, and the results were published yesterday in the American Botanical Society journal Science.

“What I am finding out is that the popularity of the botanical garden has gone down,” said BGAA president Mike Latham.

“There are a lot of good things that have happened.

There’s been more interest in gardening and gardens.”

The poll asked respondents to list the top five botanical gardens they liked the most, and their top ten botanical items that they enjoyed most, based on the most recent survey conducted by Botanica, a botanical catalog company.

“The number one item on the list was the flower arrangement,” said Latham, who noted that flowers are a favorite item of gardeners.

“It’s not just the flowers, it’s the flowers in their arrangement.”

Latham added that he didn’t have a way to gauge how many people like each flower arrangement, and that “there are a number of different flowers that we’ve asked them to choose.”

He said that the poll also included a few items that aren’t listed in the survey, such as “fancy” and “spicy,” which is probably a reference to a few popular recipes for peppermint tea.

“Spicy” was a favorite of Latham’s as well, with about 45 percent of respondents saying they like spicy, and “furry” with more than 40 percent saying they love it.

The other top ten items listed were “the flowers of the forest” (35 percent), “the plants of the woods” (33 percent), and “the wild flowers” (31 percent).

The poll also asked respondents if they were able to find out more about the poll by visiting the BGA’s website.

“People have asked for a poll of the top 10, but there hasn’t been a poll,” said the poll’s editor, Brian Soper.

“So I’m doing that survey, which is an attempt to get people to give us their top 10.”

The survey, called the Botanical Poll, is conducted annually, and is based on an online survey.

It is a free service, and a $35 entry fee will help offset the costs of the poll.

Latham told Ars that he hopes that the survey will be of interest to gardeners in the future.

“I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback on it, so hopefully it will be helpful,” he said.

“You have to give a lot to get something, and I think that’s why people like gardening.

They’re looking for something that’s easy to do, they’re looking to be able to get their garden done.”


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