‘Gotham’ actor says it’s time to ‘go to sleep’ and ‘die’ in the UK

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

A ‘GOTHAM’ actor has said it’s “time to go to sleep” and “die” in the US, after he was banned from the UK and suspended from Twitter in what the actor called “sickening” and a “big misunderstanding”.

“I can’t be an American citizen, or an American, or a British. “

“We’ve got to have the respect to be British and to be US. “

“As a Brit I don’t want to live here. “

I’m not going anywhere. “

As a Brit I don’t want to live here.

He also said he was “sad” to be suspended from his home country.”

Gothams is the best show in the world, it’s the best ever, and if you can’t see that then you can take it and leave it.”

He also said he was “sad” to be suspended from his home country.

The actor’s Twitter account, @MackieMoody, was also suspended in the USA.

Mackiel said the tweets were made after he received a “totally unacceptable” letter from the Twitter team which said he “would be banned from using the platform until further notice”.

“It is absolutely disgusting and I am so saddened and disgusted by the message and the tone of the letter,” he said.

“I think it is sickening and I can’t imagine a world where you can send a letter like that and expect to be treated fairly and respectfully.”

It’s a big misunderstanding and I have no idea why it’s being passed around, but it is.

“Macki said he had been “trying to work my way through it”.

He added: “You don’t have to be a British or American citizen to be proud of who you are.”

You have the right to be who you want to be and live your life how you want.””

The letter was incredibly rude and I don.t think it reflects the way I see myself.”

He said he hoped his suspension would be overturned by the authorities.

“If I get to see a new TV show or movie, I will probably be the first to be upset, because I want to make sure that there’s a safe and open platform to be on,” he told The Independent.

“But for now, I am just going to keep on doing my work.”

Mr Mackie is the latest in a line of celebrities to have faced social media bans in the last few weeks.

Actor Danny Glover was also barred from Twitter after he posted an offensive picture of the Black Lives Matter activist Michael Brown on Friday night.

The ‘Goths’ actor said he did not have the time to go through the entire process, but that he would “make it up to [his] fans and followers” and apologise to them.

He added he was now looking to “start a new chapter in my life”.


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