How to save £20 per car on a new pair of tyres

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

How much do you save on a car tyre?

A new pair is always going to cost more than the old one and that’s a good thing.

You can buy a new tyre for the same price or even a bargain.

But with a few changes you can save more.


Avoid the worst deals: Find the cheapest pair of new tyres available from a retailer online or at the dealership.

These will usually be around £30 to £40 a pair and are usually at least 10% off.

Save a little for yourself by doing a quick Google search on tyre brands and find the cheapest tyre deals.


Buy a pair of wheels from a trusted brand: Choose wheels with treads that are in good condition and that you can trust.

The best way to do this is to ask a trusted tyre retailer for a pair.

The retailer will know the brand and you will be able to buy the right tyres at a reasonable price.


Check tyre price: Check the tyre retailers website for prices on tyres, tyres, wheels and more tyres.

It’s worth doing this at least once a year to keep up with the latest developments.


Avoid overpriced tyres: Choose tyres that are not used often, and that are low-profile tyres that will last for years.

These can be found for under £10 and can be used for everyday driving, especially if you want to get the most out of the tyres.


Choose the right tyre: The right tyre is a key element to tyre selection.

It is crucial that the tyres you choose match the car you are buying them for.

It should be the same brand, same size, same colour and the same tread.

The tyres should also be durable enough to withstand the daily abuse you will take on the road.


Get the right type of tyre: You will need to buy tyres that have the right tread, width, length and tread pattern for your driving style.

Find the tyres that best match your driving needs and get the right fit for your car.


Choose a tyre that is compatible: There are different types of tyres for different types and types of cars.

For example, you might want a tire that has a wider tread pattern and therefore provides more traction on rough roads.

You might also want a tyre with a wider diameter and thus provide more traction when it comes to driving on the wet road.

Find out what kind of tyre is right for you and whether you can get the tyre that you want.


Choose tyres with tread patterns: Find out which tread pattern your car has, and if you can find it on a tyre shop website.


Make sure you buy the correct tyre: If you buy a tyre online or from a tyre dealer, make sure that it is compatible with your car, your driving styles and the driving conditions you expect to drive in.

Find this out by looking for the fitment, tread pattern, colour and tread area on the manufacturer website.

Find these out by checking the fitments of the tyre you are considering buying.


Check the fit: This is a crucial part of tyre selection as it allows you to determine how well the tyre fits the car.

For a quick and easy check of the fit of a tyre, look for a small strip that looks like the tread pattern on the car on the tyre shop’s website.

You will see that the tyre looks quite good and there is a little bit of tread in the middle of the strip.


Check for the correct fit: If the tread is on the correct side of the car, it should sit on the tread area of the right size and width for the car tyres you are going to use.

If you can’t find the correct fitting, check the fit and find out if you need to add extra tread or increase the size.

If your car is fitted with a new set of tyres, you should also check that the new tyres have the correct tread pattern.


Choose wheels: Choose a set of wheels that are the right length and width to give the car a good grip and that give you the best grip on the tyres on the roads.


Find a shop that offers wheels for sale: Look for a tyre and wheel shop that sells tyres and wheels.

This is especially important if you are purchasing a new car.

Look for shops that have stock tyres in stock, and you can then buy tyres at your local tyre shop.


Choose new tyres: New tyres are great because they can be fitted to any car you want and can last for a long time.

You may want to consider purchasing a set that is longer than your previous set of tires.


Use a new tread pattern: If a new pattern is offered from a reputable tyre retailer, use it.

A new tread may not be the most durable tyre, but it will last longer and be easier to drive.


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