When you’re at the mall, what’s in the hottest fashion?

A few months ago, we asked our readers for their top 10 favorite fashion trends, and the answers varied.

From a throwback, to the latest trend in men’s accessories, to a trend that we hope to see pop up at every mall this season, we got the feedback from a variety of retailers and shoppers.

As you can see below, it’s a pretty diverse list.

While we may not be able to tell you which brands will have a big impact on your wardrobe this season (and what they will look like next season), we can tell you that we think the following trends are going to be big sellers this season:•Men’s sweaters: Sweaters are going up in price and, in some cases, trendsetting, so this year’s hottest trend may not have anything to do with your favorite brand.

But, for the most part, the top brands have seen significant price increases in recent years, so you can be sure that your favorite sweaters are coming back to their former glory.•Women’s hoodies: There are lots of cool women’s hoodie trends to pick from this season.

We love the look of the hoodie, but also the idea of being a hoodie queen.

There are a lot of cool hoodie designs on the market, and there are a bunch of new ones popping up.

We think that the hoodies will be a hot trend this season because the new ones are being released at an increasingly rapid pace.•Bathrobe: Bathrobes are always a hot item, and this year, we are very excited to see that trend become more of a trend, with brands like Ralph Lauren and Gucci bringing more of these styles back.

And, the popularity of this style is also a big reason for the rising price of women’s clothing.

We expect this trend to be very hot this season and we can’t wait to see what all of the cool designs are up to this fall.•Haircuts: We love that it’s so easy to get haircuts in the summer and fall.

But for many women, the trend of cutting their hair is becoming less of a novelty as we get closer to the end of the school year.

That’s one reason why we’re excited about the trend this fall of haircuts being a popular way to dress up for a date or wedding.•Clothing: For the most fashion-forward of us, we’re looking forward to seeing the revival of clothing trends in this fall season.

And for us, that means the latest trends in men, women, and children’s accessories.

We hope that the best clothes will be the best shoes, and that everyone can have a great fall.

We’re all waiting for the new season of Halloween to start, but for now, we’ll be on our merry way with our favorite fashion and holiday accessories.

If you have any questions about the top 10 trends this season or any other clothing and fashion trends you want to know more about, let us know in the comments section below.


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