When it comes to the JB’s, you can’t beat the price

The NFL is set to unveil a new uniform that will be available online this summer for the first time.

But first, a few details have to be known about what will be the basic design.

The basic look will be a white-and-black uniform with black accents, which will be paired with a white piping kit with the team’s logo on it.

But the details will be more subtle than the standard black piping kit.

Here are the details that will come with the jersey:The piping kit will feature the NFL’s logo along with the lettering “JB.”

There will also be a piping cap on the front, but it will not be a regular cap like the standard NFL cap.

The cap is made of two separate layers of fabric, and will have a “J” pattern on the back.

It will be adjustable in size, which is expected to be the same as a standard NFL jersey.

Here’s the other design details that are expected to come with this jersey:For the most part, this will be just a regular-sized jersey, but there will be some color options.

There will be an embroidered J-shaped design on the chest and jersey sleeves, but the team is also looking to include a white “J B” on the jersey sleeve.

Here’s what those will look like:The jersey will be designed with a vertical stripes design.

The stripes will be white on the sleeves and white on top of the sleeve logo.

This will also come in different colors, depending on the color of the piping kit you’re ordering.

There will be one “J-shaped” piping kit available for the JBs, and it will be made of a separate fabric layer that will have the team logo on one side, while the team name on the other side.

The piping kit is expected a standard-sized kit with white piping on the sides, with an embroidery on the piping cap.

The piping cap will have an image of a blue-and


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