How to sell your wares online with the new Etsy marketplace

Business Insider UK has partnered with the UK’s leading online retail marketplace Etsy to bring you a look at how to sell to the global online marketplace.

The news comes as Etsy opens up its new UK portal for online sales on Thursday.

The site will let you sell products in all kinds of categories, including jewellery, household items, toys, and home décor.

The portal is open to US, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Philippines, South Africa, and India customers.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring our international customers into Etsy’s platform,” Etsy CEO Michael Pachter told Business Insider.

“The ability to sell through the UK portal and shop directly from the platform, without needing to go through any of our existing fulfillment companies, will make our site more convenient and easier for our international partners and customers.”

The site is also expected to make it easier for Etsy customers to create listings, but it’s not the only option.

Etsy has also launched an international marketplace for brands to sell on the site.

The UK portal is the latest example of how Etsy is expanding its international sales platform, and the UK launch is the third such launch in the past month.

In June, Etsy launched its own international marketplace in Ireland.

The US, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, and Denmark all launched their own Etsy shops in the first half of 2017.

Etsy is currently offering a $10 US credit to US customers who purchase items with the platform in-app.

This is similar to what you can get with a credit card.

Etsy is also allowing UK customers to order items from the UK marketplace with a single checkout.

Etchings UK has been designed specifically for the UK market, with a “favourite” category for US and UK customers, a “discount” category, and a “dealer” category.

Ethernet, the platform’s hardware, is also being built for the British market, allowing Etsy to ship items to UK warehouses at significantly lower cost.

Etchings has been built to be a more streamlined, frictionless way for buyers to buy online.

“The new US marketplace will be the first of its kind to offer a worldwide shopping experience for Etsy buyers,” said Pachters.

“This platform will also enable us to deliver products directly to our international retailers, which is vital for them to continue to grow and grow their business in the UK.”


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