Shirt prices to rise by up to £4 per week

Retailers are set to increase their prices on shirts in an attempt to keep the cost of the products down.

Wholesale clothing stores, which typically sell in small groups of customers, are expected to increase the prices of shirts by up by up, with most of them selling for £4 to £5 per pair.

This is likely to mean that shoppers are paying more for shirts at some outlets than they are at others.

It comes as retailers continue to try and squeeze more people into their stores and drive up their sales, which have been on a gradual slide in recent months.

The rise in the prices will help keep the retail prices of items such as jeans and shirts down, but also help keep costs down in other areas such as footwear and car parts.

Wholesalers are expected have a few more months to reduce their prices, after retailers have already begun to raise prices.

However, some retailers, including Marks &morton, have already raised prices on some items.

In some cases, prices are likely to increase even further.

A spokeswoman for Marks &amps;amp:morton said: “The price increase is part of a broader drive to bring the cost back down for shoppers to support us as we build on our existing profits.”

Wholesaler pricing has been a consistent and consistent factor in our decisions for the past several years.

“The prices are a direct response to the need for us to bring back more and more customers to the business.”

Marks &amp.amp:martins is one of the biggest retailers in the UK.

It is a leading wholesale and retail chain and has more than 10,000 stores across the country.

As well as selling products at its own outlets, it also operates wholesale and commercial stores and other business offices.

Its chief executive, Ian Walker, said: “Whole Foods is focused on making sure our customers’ needs are met, with the goal of making our stores as affordable as possible for them.”

Our focus is on creating the best experience for our customers, and we continue to work hard to do just that.


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