Sam’s Wholesale Club to close all its retail locations in the state of Oklahoma

Sam’s wholesale clubs in Oklahoma have announced they will close all of their locations due to a state mandate that requires the stores to sell essential oils. 

The Sam’s Club in Tulsa will close down on March 2, according to the club’s Facebook page. 

This will be the first of three Sam’s locations to close. 

“Sam’s Club is not closing any stores in Oklahoma,” the club said in a statement. 

Sam’s Whores in Tulsa has been a staple in the Oklahoma market for decades, and the club is a key component of the Tulsa market, said Jason Cottrell, president of Sam’s. 

While the club does not intend to close any of its locations, Sam’s is closing all of its Tulsa locations, Cottell said. 

It is important to note that Sam’s has not closed its stores in the past. 

Cottrell said Sam’s was a local favorite in Tulsa. 

There are still Sam’s stores in Tulsa and across Oklahoma.

“The people in Tulsa know the Sam’s name,” Cottrel said.

“They know the service, they know the quality, and they know that they have the Sams in their community.” 

The Tulsa club was founded in 1925 by the brothers George and Joseph Sam, and now has about 400 members, according the Tulsa World. 

George and Joseph had a passion for the arts, and Sam’s started a shoe factory to make shoes for artists. 

In 1923, George Sam died and Joseph joined the club, but the brothers never found their way back to the family business. 

A business that became Sam’s in the 1920s was the George Sam Museum and Art Center, which was the Sam Sam Museum in Tulsa until the 1980s, said Cottrell. 

For Sam’s, opening its doors in Tulsa was a long-term decision, he said.

“It was a way for us to bring the George family into the company,” Cotrell said. 

 The Sams brothers would come to Oklahoma from California to help the Tulsa area, but it was not until the 1960s that the brothers would return to Tulsa to run Sam’s Tulsa Store, according Cottraill. 

Today, the SamSam Store has over 100 stores in five states, Cotrel said, and it continues to be one of the most popular stores in town. 

 Sam’s said it is looking for another location in the Tulsa community. 

At least 10 Sam’s store locations are in Oklahoma, Cootrell said, but Sam’s officials are unsure of which locations are going to close down. 

One of the SamS store locations will be at the GeorgeSam Museum and Arts Center, but there are no plans to open the store, Cottell said.

In Tulsa, the club will continue to serve the community with its free events, Cattrell said .

“We’ll continue to be a place where people come to connect with people,” Cotterell said with a smile.


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