Why can’t the US FDA just stop the sale of generic medicines?

It’s a simple question, but it’s also one that’s getting a lot of attention.

A bill to prevent the importation of generic medicine from countries that have a history of drug shortages has been introduced in Congress.

Critics say the FDA has the authority to stop the import of generic drugs, but they say the agency hasn’t done so.

The House and Senate bills would also force the FDA to review the importations of generic medications and to ban the import and sale of drugs from countries with a history.

Congress is scheduled to consider the measure on March 22.

It’s a bill that’s been called a “gold standard” for fighting the pandemic, but there are concerns about how the FDA will enforce it.

In February, the FDA announced that it would halt the import for non-medical reasons of more than 100,000 medications and more than 10,000 generic drugs from some countries, including China, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Colombia.

But the FDA did not suspend the import on a blanket basis for all countries, such as the case of China, which has already suspended the import, said Scott Bresnahan, an attorney with the Center for Food Safety and Technology.

“It does not address the import issue in all cases.

There is a clear exception that is very narrow, for a specific specific country, that is not applicable to all countries,” he said.

Some lawmakers have been skeptical of the FDA’s ability to enforce the ban.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, a Republican, said last week that the agency is “not going to act with the force that is required” to suspend imports, which are subject to a review process.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers are urging the FDA not to block imports of generic versions of drugs that they say will help the country’s healthcare system.

If a pharmaceutical company doesn’t want to import a drug from a country, why should the American people, they say?

A federal judge last month issued an order blocking the import in China of a generic version of Daraprim, the drug that helped treat an epidemic of the parasitic infection toxoplasmosis.

While the drug was initially approved for use in the United States to treat toxoplasma infections, China has stopped making it available to the U.S. market, because it said it needed to import the drug to prevent a spike in drug-resistant infections in the country.

That means generic versions are in high demand in China, even though they are still banned in the U, where they are cheaper and easier to obtain.

Last month, a Chinese drug company, Shire Pharma, was awarded a patent for a generic Darapr version that would allow it to make the drug more widely available in the Chinese market.

China is one of the most affected countries in the world, with a total of 9.2 million people infected with toxoplasias.

The pandemic has led to the death of more that 10,400 people in China since it began in late March, according to the World Health Organization.

Bresnah, the industry attorney for the Center, said the FDA could also block imports in the case where generic versions aren’t available in a specific country.

But he said it’s unclear if a company could do so.

“We don’t know the details of this specific situation because we don’t have any specifics in terms of what the company is asking for,” he told ABC News.

“What they’re asking for is the ability to import generic drugs into the United State, but to do that you need a determination that they’re not going to continue to make generic drugs available for import into the country, and then they need to make sure that the generic drug is approved for sale in the state.”

In addition to being banned in China and the United Kingdom, generic versions were banned in Brazil last month, Brazil’s health minister said.


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