How to get your dream home in Mumbai

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

How to buy a house in Mumbai and get it built in just a few months?

With the Mumbai-based designer charms wholesale business growing at a phenomenal rate, the question is no longer ‘how to get a home in Maharashtra’ but ‘how do you make a home there?’

The answer is to go for the bespoke design, bespoke finishes and bespoke home decor.

The brand has more than 1,500 design studios in Mumbai, including the iconic D’Agostino, which has an 8,000 sq ft facility and a design office.

The flagship brand is Sugarlips.

The company has offices in the city, as well as in the neighbouring state of Goa.

The Sugarlippers shop at the ‘Shaprasa House’, an iconic and well-known residence in Mumbai.

Sugarlipped is one of the best-known brands in the country. 

Image Credit: Sugarlip.comThe main difference between the Sugarlipper and D’agostino brands is the quality of the home design.

Sugalips is known for its affordable and luxurious design, while D’aggostino is known more for its luxurious and elegant designs.

D’Agastino is also a home decor brand, while Sugarlipping is more of a designer boutique.

The brand sells a range of high-end home décor, which is priced at around Rs 100,000-Rs 200,000.

The design of the Sugalip shop in the ‘Sugarlip House’, which is an iconic residence in the Mumbai suburb of Ghatkopar, is well-designed and well executed. 

The brand offers bespoke furniture, home decor, art and interior design.

A home decor shop in Sugarlipp’s shop is well decorated and well made, with the brand’s signature bright yellow walls and a modern aesthetic. 

“We are really proud to have created such a brand for the Mumbai area,” says Rajendra Shah, managing director of Sugarlipt, adding that the brand was launched as an initiative to make home decor more affordable for the urban middle class.

“The Sugalippa family has created such great products that people can afford to buy from them.” 

Image Credits: ImageCredit: Image credit: Suglip.inSuglips also has a home design boutique in Goa, with offices in Mumbai as well.

The shop in Goan, located in the western state of Karnataka, is the brand centre for designers, who are now being recruited for their expertise in designing home furnishings, and for other services like house decor, house cleaning and landscaping.

“In Goa there are two other brands like Suglips and Sugarlipers.

We are in touch with both of them,” says Shah. 

 Sugilips is one the best brands in India, with its bespoke designs and high-quality furniture.

Its signature bright colour is a hallmark of the brand.

The store in Goans house is well designed and well designed. 

Saglips’ designs are a combination of modern and classic, and are well-suited to the city of Mumbai.

The iconic blue-and-yellow walls and ceiling in the Suglipps shop are well designed, with a modern style. 

Another popular brand, Suglipped, is a home furniture and design shop in Mumbai with offices across the city.

The Suglippers shop in Ghatkan, which features a stunningly designed living room, is one in a series of Sugliptes stores. 

Other brands like Supersurplus, Dior, Sartoria, Vans and others have similar collections of designer furniture, design, home decoration and interior decor in Mumbai; and are located in Goas state.


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